Check out the indoor Track in Olds, AB this winter

See the NEWS page for more important Dates added for 2015!!!!

Many Executive and Volunteer Positions NEED to be filled!!!

Check the Contact us Page to see required positions!!!!!

If you are interested in improving St. Albert BMX or want to be a good role model for your children to help them understand that volunteering is an important aspect of belonging to a community there are several Executive and Volunteer positions available to fill. St. Albert BMX cannot run efficiently without many volunteers. We need backups for every postion to help lighten the load for the few volunteers that are currently on Council. The old saying "Many Hands make light work" is something to think about. Please be an important part of your community and St. Albert BMX, step up to the plate and the current knowledgable members will help you fit into a role that you are comfortable with and with enough people will not be overwhelming.
Help us Put St. Albert on the map and lets get this club Cranking out some of the best riders in Canada (your children)!!!
Everybody 18 and over is WELCOME

Thanks to the Sponsors

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2015 Race Schedule.

Tuesdays and Thursdays
Licensed Riders Register by 6:30pm (try Online Race Registration from 7:00am - 4:00pm)
Gate Drops at 7:15pm
Open Track on Wednesday 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Provincial Race Series Dates for 2015

Date Dow Provincial # Location
June 20 Sat BMX Provincial #1 Edmonton BMX
June 21 Sun BMX Provincial #2 Edmonton BMX
July 25 Sat BMX Provincial #3 Lethbridge BMX
July 26 Sun BMX Provincial #4 Lethbridge BMX
Aug 8 Sat BMX Provincial #5 Cochrane BMX
Aug 9 Sun BMX Provincial #6 Cochrane BMX
Aug 28 Fri UCI C1 BMX Race Calgary BMX
Aug 29 Sat BMX Provincial #7 & Canada Cup Calgary BMX
Aug 30 Sun BMX Provincial #8 & Canada Cup Calgary BMX
Sep 12 Sat BMX Provincial Grands St. Albert BMX
Sept 13 Sun BMX Provincial Championships St. Albert BMX

*** you need to race 4 of 8 plus grands to qualify for awards

*** Stay tuned for 2016 Race Schedule ***

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